Super South locations of Turkey

ANTALYA This is a city that sits on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is one of the most visited cities in the world as it was placed in third position in the year 2013. Antalya is widely known for its beaches, nature scenery and its historical sites within it. Examples of these sites are the Duden waterfalls that are a number of waterfalls that provide a beautiful view. The Duden waterfalls have their watercourse from Dud ANTALYA This is a city that sits on the Mediterranean … [Read more...]

India – The Best Country to Enjoy a Beach Tour

When thinking about India, most people envision it only as a mysterious destination to discover the Indus civilization, embark on a spiritual journey to learn yoga and meditation, and emerge themselves in a rich and diverse culture. People are often surprised to find out that India is also one of the best places to go on a beach tour. With more than 7,500 kilometer of beautiful coastline spreading all the way from the Indian peninsular to the further southern end of the country, India is … [Read more...]

Underwater Activities in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best holiday destinations worldwide. Hawaii offers a variety of activities one can engage in when on a vacation getaway. It offers a lot of activities to people of every age. It is the perfect location for adventures with guided submarine tours and extravagant shows. Tourists who enjoy physical activities can engage in hiking, climbing rocks and deep sea diving in the Hawaii waters. One of the major sports that the islands of Hawaii offer to tourists is underwater … [Read more...]

What’s So Special About Lake Michigan?

From the bustling urban-industrial community in the south to the wave-washed beaches along the northern shores, the system of economic, cultural and ecological diversity that is represented by Lake Michigan stands unparalleled all along the mid-Western region of the United States. The second largest of the Great Lakes in terms of volume, Lake Michigan is the only lake whose location is based within the borders of the United States. The northern part of Lake Michigan lies in the colder and … [Read more...]

Exploring Wrecks and Reefs in the Red Sea

If you're trying to choose a new region for your next diving trip, add Egypt's the Red Sea to your list. Considered one of the top diving destinations in the world, the Red Sea's warm, tropical waters contain more than 200 sites in an area of more than 1,000 miles. The Red Sea boasts a wide selection of marine life with approximately 20 per cent of the ecosystem found nowhere else in the world. Its beautiful soft-sloping and vertical wall coral reefs are home to more than 1,000 … [Read more...]

Akdamar Island; The Unique Island Located on the Van Lake of Turkey

A great holiday destination does more than just offer superb vistas, heavenly sandy beaches or stellar resorts replete with unimaginable luxuries. It regales you with legendary tales of love and romance, cloaked in rich historical and cultural myths. One destination with more than its fair share of all these visitor attractions is Turkey. The more discerning traveler should seize every chance to see the wild side of Turkey. Going off the beaten path to hidden gems tucked away in the … [Read more...]

Vacationing In Miami

Are you fond of travelling? And want to enjoy a warm sunny day on a beach? Then here is a best tourist spot, where you can have all these attractions at one place. It’s none other than Miami. This is the coastline refreshment city located in Miami-Dade Country, Florida, and United States. It is the most exciting place surrounded by palm trees swaying in the breeze and famous Art Deco buildings stunning at South Beach. It is not the landscape or the money or the climate but the people of … [Read more...]

Forget Winter Get to the Beach Now !

Although depending on where you live it might seem like winter is here to stay, the inexorable march of time means that you’re getting closer and closer to summer days and sunshine with every passing minute. Summer means a lot of things, but without a doubt one of the things you’re probably looking forward to most is some time at the beach! Few things offer fun for the whole family the way the beach does, and below are some of the top games you can play while you’re soaking up some … [Read more...]

How to choose the best Men’s Wetsuit

If you are a water sports lover then you need to have a proper wetsuit with which you can have fun with lots of water sports including wakeboarding and diving. Men wetsuit allows to stay dry by keeping your body temperature to normal while you enjoy water sports activities. Before choosing the right wetsuit for yourself, you must have some information about what you should be looking for, what type of material is it, quality and cost, etc. Neoprene is the best choice for wetsuits as it has some … [Read more...]

Harbour Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world with beautiful landmarks and natural harbour. When on stay you will be treated with most memorable sights and sounds of the opera house, the harbour bridge as well as plenty of water activities. Sydney offers a relaxed atmosphere packed with scenic beauty. It was once cited as the most clean and most user-friendly city. The scenic beauty of Sydney makes it a world top tourist city. Indeed, the water based activities as well as … [Read more...]